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Services that Drive Business Growth

Executive Management & Advisory Services assesses your financial goals, then develops and implements appropriate strategies at all levels of the organization to drive profitability, responsibility, and accountability. Once Managing Director Geoff Scheitlin establishes the financial strategy, Executive Management & Advisory Services does your ongoing work, too, overseeing the finance, accounting, and treasury work to drive your business. We can help in any of the following areas of our five-step process:

Strategy Planning and Development

Executive Management & Advisory Services helps define business and financial priorities, assess environments and opportunities, and develop corresponding strategies for accountability and growth. Includes development of business and financial plans, financial forecasts and budgets to drive operational change, and process and control improvements for enhanced profitability.

Financial Policies, Procedures and Staffing

We build integrity through process development and creation of a customer-centric finance team.
 Includes policies, procedures, controls and risk management, internal and external reporting, and active involvement in management and oversight of accounting, treasury, and HR.

Capital Strategies and Execution

Access to capital is vital to the success of any organization. Includes working capital management, capital and debt negotiations, cash management, bank relations, and investor road shows.


Executive Management & Advisory develops and manages clear and concise internal and external communication at all levels. Includes development and management of relationships with trusted advisors, including legal, lender, insurance and service providers, board members, and investors.

Implementation and Long-Term Support

We provide full execution of developed strategies for your long-term business stability and growth. Dictated by the demands of your specific business operations and initiatives, we serve as your CFO and (or) your Controller or Accounting Manager throughout implementation and on an ongoing basis as needed. Includes cash management, finance, accounting and bookkeeping, administrative and HR functions, all with measurable performance metrics and accountability.

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